Ladies and Gentlemen – our work has just begun.

We must become activists.

If we do not, we will lose.

We won this time, but barely. The victory of a Trump win tastes good, but there are many battles ahead.

The objective and goal is winning the hearts and minds. Most people are not informed. They find politics boring. But they do hear the quick 15-second clip on TV, or read it online in a tweet, in a Facebook post, or from another uninformed friend or neighbor.

Much of the vitriol directed towards Trump by the Clinton supporters is due to two reasons.

1) They have false information and perceptions about Trump and what he stands for. Reason? This is what they have been told.

2) They have false information and perceptions about Clinton, and what she stands for. Reason? This is what they have been told.

The news media is no longer content with publishing information and letting you decide. The news media is actively enabling the agenda of the left. They bury stories, they push false narratives, they are no longer objective. They are activists. The titles of news stories are shaded to encourage a certain perception. The content within many of the news stories is manipulated  to encourage the desired perception.

The popular culture icons are pushing the agenda of the left. The lesser known popular culture icons in various fields of interest are also pushing the agenda of the left. Perusing twitter, I saw many, many of the people recognized in various fields tweeting pro-left rhetoric and attitudes.

As it turns out, there is a huge amount of everyday people that support freedom, the Constitution and love America. However, we are taught to never discuss what? Religion and Politics.

We must kill this way of thinking and doing. It is time to become a voice. Time to educate others. Time to let others know where you are coming from.

Many of you fear that if you are vocal, you will lose your job, lose that contract, or lose your friend(s).

It is time to embrace free thought, unfettered, without the worry about “what people will think”.

I’ve started, but not enough. From now on, my efforts and endeavors will become significant.

I AM biased.

I AM promoting free speech.

I AM promoting disregarding Political Correctness, and for calling a spade a spade.

I AM promoting an America first agenda.

I AM promoting a requirement for transparency.

I AM promoting freedom of religion.

I AM promoting that we have strong borders.

I AM supporting States Rights as outlined in the constitution.

I AM for trying to minimize Illegal Immigration.

I DO support prosecuting Illegal Immigrants (which by default are FELONS).

I AM promoting that we look at all trade issues with other countries with the perspective of how can it benefit the United States FIRST.

I AM promoting that people have the right to associate or NOT associate with whoever they wish.

I AM promoting that if you don’t want to provide a service to someone, the government has no right to interfere.

I AM promoting that if your religion wants to do harm to America and others, that a citizen has every right to reject that religion.

Are you willing to take a stand for America? If so, write. Promote. Talk with your neighbors and friends.

This post is just a quick write up, and my initial salvo. Not a lot of time spent on rewording, just some quick thoughts. There will be many more.

Do your part. Make America Great Again!

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