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My Tribute To Rush Limbaugh

My Tribute To Rush Limbaugh

I first heard Rush Limbaugh on the radio many, many, many years ago. Without looking up the date, it was soon after he became nationally syndicated. At the time, my employment required a lot of travel, and I listened to the radio. Incessantly changing the channel, dismayed at the words and ideas that were against … Read more




Short book review of “How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big: Kind of the Story of My Life”

I knew I was going to recommend this book before I even finished it. Now, after completing the read of “How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big: Kind of the Story of My Life” (Amazon Affiliate Link), I am HIGHLY RECOMMENDING IT! Scott Adams wrote this book that reads in a really … Read more

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“Everybody Writes” – book review by John Chapman

  (I posted this originally on DR7Media at: “Everybody Writes” – book review by John Chapman ) “Everybody Writes” by Ann Handley is a fantastic book. This book absolutely exceeded my expectations. I had thought this would be a good little book about writing, directed to the common person that doesn’t have a literary degree … Read more




Teaching my sister how to remove small trees including roots.

I’m helping my sister clear some trees – a crapload of small ones – for a garden area, and for an area to raise chickens. This video was her putting into play things I’d demonstrated. She is doing GREAT!


Work / Life BALANCE?

The whole work/life balance thing is usually only a problem for others. Meaning, you do what you want to do. Work as hard and as much as you want. If you are getting push back, it is from others demanding your time and attention. It is OTHERS telling you to get work/life balance. If you … Read more


The rest of my life will be lived selfishly. Ruthlessly Selfishly.

The rest of my life will be lived selfishly. Ruthlessly Selfishly. Unambiguously Selfishly. Harshly Selfishly. Selfishly Focused. All. About. Me. When I say those first 5 lines above, repeating several times just to explore how it fits and matches me, I have full realization that it fits me well. Very well. A great match. Perfect, … Read more


My Diesel Shoes from a Thrift Store DIED

I found a great pair of shoes. Turned out, they were retro. Way retro. I found these in a Thrift Store, labeled as “Classic” (or something like that). I prefer shoes with a really thin sole like Sketchers. But, these were cool.     But. after wearing them a month or so, they started to … Read more


Replacing Valve Body Gasket(s) in my Transmission. 2000 Ford Explorer.

Replaced my valve body gasket on my Ford Explorer today. Problems shifting, had to manually drop into 1st to take off. Couldn’t go over 72 mph with it slipping. Overdrive acting up. I’d been babying this problem for several years, and it was getting worse. Looking at the worn out disintegrating gasket – it’s amazing … Read more