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Our professional and personal lives are melding.
It’s all becoming public, at a record pace.
If you live in society, your life is practically already an open book.


I thought about this. Decided, “I’m  ALL IN”.

What I think. My experiences. My life. My projects.
Live and Exposed.

NOT Politically Correct.

WELCOME to @FollowJohnC, the Nucleus of John Chapman.

I am many things, I have many interests, I have many perspectives and a few stories.

I have significant spans of time where I’ve forgotten to post here, but I do update every so often.

That being said:  Just like life, this site is an experiment.

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Who Is John Chapman? – A brief outline of my life from then til now.

What’s on my podcast player? – Podcasts I listen to. You might like them as well.

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