I listened to a number of new songs today. New to me, but not certainly not new. And very likely even you have never heard them before.

However, these are AWESOME. OMG! 🙂

Clarence Carter

Clarence Carter

Clarence Carter

First up, is Clarence Carter. This was posted from one of my twitter peeps, Sam. When I read this, had to check it out. His twitter post was:

Twitter post by https://twitter.com/Sam03165796

Twitter post by https://twitter.com/Sam03165796

So I googled. Found it on Youtube. This is so worth watching and listening. Some snippets from the song:

“Let me ask you something. How long has it been since you made love? Huh?”

“I stroke it to the east, and I stroke it to the west, and I stroke it to the woman that I love the best”

“Now when I start making love to my woman, I don’t stop until I know she’s satisfied”

“I can always tell when she get satisfied, cause when she get satisfied….”   (ROFL)

(Just click on the Play Arrow)

I’m sure that this song delighted you!

But, what is this I see? More suggested songs over on the right. So, I started watching and listening. Here are some more greats!

Denise La Salle


Next up is: Denise La Salle – “Lick It Before You Stick It”

A few snippets from the song:

“This song is dedicated to all the men out there that don’t seem to know how to keep their woman happy.”

“Some men think the height of a woman’s pleasure, is when he’s kissing her on her lips”

“You’ll make her feel good, but you’ll make her feel better, if you treat your lady like a stamp on a letter! Lick It! Before you stick it!”

“Sorry fellas, the job ain’t over, until you take it between your lips”

“I like it like that boy, that’s alright!”

“Now girls, y’all can’t stick it, but you sure can lick it”

LOL. So awesome. Listen:

Barbara Carr


Then I listened to: Barbara Carr – Bone Me Like You Own Me.

Some choice snippets from the lyrics:

“I got to warn you boy, before you try to lay me down…”

“If you really want to please me, you know you got to stake your claim…”

“So if you want to make some time, you’d better KEEP one thing in mind. You got to BONE me, like you OWN me”

“Once you hit my bed, you got to let the jackhammer down…”

“You gotta put something on me, that’ll make my toes…”

I like this lady’s style. I think you will as well. Listen:

Check out her other songs. I did. Still more to listen to, and I’m working on it.

Millie Jackson



Next up was Millie Jackson. Video title is: Millie Jackson Slow Tongue explicit adult.

And, it is. Awesome video. It is indeed explicit AND classy.

The main lyric repeated over is, “Slow tongue, working your way down…”

Her acting out, the noises she makes, all together makes this a powerful video.




Thank you, Sam, for the heads up on Clarence Carter. I found some great new music today.

I hope ya’ll enjoyed this, and take some time to explore some fantastic older music.

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