I was raised in Kansas City, Kansas, and moved to Texas (DFW) when I was 17.

I did poorly all through school, I was always quite bored, did minimal work. However, I did learn to read quite well – but that had little to do with the Government Education System.

My initial foray into the job market was a construction worker, digging tunnels. This was manual labor, using an air spade and a shovel. Later, I worked above ground construction, everything from roofing, remodeling, preparing sites for concrete pads, etc. Subsequent to this, I worked in a inventory selection warehouse, then in a fabrication facility.

Just before the inventory selection job, I decided to get an education. I chose I.T.T. Technical Institute and got an Associates Degree in the field of Electronics.  There were better decisions than I.T.T., but I did not realize this at the time. ITT has been shut down, incidentally.

About six months after I graduated, I went to work for Konica as a copier tech. I worked there for almost 5 years. During this time, I started independent training about computers and the Internet.

I left Konica and went to work for a small I.T firm. Things did not work there long term, and eventually, I started my own Computer / Networking / Internet consulting company. I ran this company for about 5 years until I just shut it down. Between the economy, my lack of business skills, having an affair which radically impacted my life – I just didn’t give a rat’s ass anymore. Just between you and me (and the whole freakin’ Internet), I’ve made a lot of dumb mistakes. I’ve also learned a lot about myself, people and life.  I’ll share many of these things with you in my posts to come.

I’ve worked in the I.T. field in various roles, always learning – and also learned an awful lot about myself.

A goal and dream for many years: launch an Internet Media company. After additional years of learning, failing, struggling – I have a media company. It is small, but it is mine. I’m enjoying talking to companies and organizations and helping them solve their pain points. With my technical experience, I am able to offer insight into additional technical solutions as well.

I moved to Washington State for a bit,  traveling, working, and exploring the Pacific Northwest. Main areas of exploration were Oregon and Washington State. I am currently spending some time in New Jersey, but about to head to Florida for the winter as we move into 2018. I am building my media company, but have also added a component of buying and selling used books on Amazon FBA, and working with Thrift Stores to help them become leaner, and more profitable through small additive actions.

Although I have never been hugely fat, I sure as hell got a lot bigger than I like. About 60 lbs overweight. (This might qualify as hugely fat.) Currently, I am down 50lbs, with about another 10lbs to go. My education on how to make this happen led to another one of projects, KetoSuccess. This is a site focusing on losing weight easily, without spending an additional dime on products.

I have more interests, passions, ideas, and goals.

(Update Dec 20, 2017) I’ve launched a few projects, see the list at bottom of the ABOUT page.

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