Moving To Brainerd, Minnesota From Texas – 2021

I’ve been located in Texas for a number of months, waiting for winter to be over. I had several different opportunities available, and then Nathan Tuomi contacted me.

He was curious if I had any interest in managing a golf course that he was building.

Conversation and more information ensued, and the answer from me was yes.

There was a timeline that precluded immediate engagement, mostly that Brainerd, Minnesota was still the land of the frozen.

Planning the trip up to Brainerd included several stops.


  • Visit my brother Sam Chapman and his family in Oklahoma.
  • Meet Joeseph Neal of Barn Savers (he will be on a future episode of my Blue Collar Voices podcast).
  • Meet Jorge S. Aguilar, owner of Empire Highrise USA, and check out a possible repair job.
  • Meet up with my awesome friend Marc LeConte in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
  • Arrive at Brainerd, Minnesota.

Arrived in Brainerd Wednesday, April 14th.


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