In the last part of 2016, I was investigating in a serious fashion E-Commerce and Amazon.

I decided to explore working with used books. I already had an Amazon account configured to sell things, as I had used Amazon to sell three things over the last couple of years.

I installed the free Amazon Seller App, and started checking out used books. I ran into a Thrift Store in Oregon, “Thrift Shop by Rogue Retreat“. They were selling books at ten cents each. Crazy, eh?

I was selecting a few books, and the manager told me if needed any help, let me know. She told me the book I had in my hand she did not expect anyone to buy. So, since she seemed open to discussion, I told her what I was doing. She told me they had boxes and boxes of books in the back!

“Really?”, I asked.

She was serious. She said, “Let me show you”.

In the back, in an auxiliary room were indeed boxes. About 60 banana boxes, with about 40 of them full of books.

She agreed to let me go through all of the books as long as a few conditions were met. Be neat, clean up after myself, etc. I could understand her need to point this out, as so many people really just suck. 🙂

In talking with her, I also offered to give her an additional 90 cents for each book that I sold that came from what I was purchasing from the store. She was quite agreeable to this offer.

It took a bloody week, but I processed all of the books. I bought 3 banana boxes full, but after fully processing them to list on my Amazon store, I found that only a little less than a box were truly marketable. I re-donated the unmarketable ones back to the store, much to their chagrin. Hah! 🙂

In December for Xmas, I visited Marie, and shared with her what I was doing. We went to a few stores and sourced used books together. After I went back home (to Oregon at the time), we both continued to source books at our own locations.

After discussion, we agreed to open up a used book company as partners. Thus, JM BOOK RECYCLING was launched.

This is an excellent partnership. We both have our own opinions, and do not always agree on all the minor details – but we have found the process and experience of working together to be beneficial and complementary to each other. Just like I work towards Win/Win with the businesses and organizations that we work with, it is important that we deal with each other (Marie and I) in a Win/Win fashion.

At this point, JM Book Recycling is only a few months old, but is on track to becoming a very viable, sustainable business.

We have bounced around ideas of future growth and plans, still refining our processes.

I’ll discuss more about the activities of JM Book Recycling (and other endeavors, of course) in future posts.

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