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Starting Fire And Lying About It

Actually, I didn’t mean to start the fire.

I was trying to do two things. One, do what kids do. Experiment. Learn. Have fun. Two, I was trying to improve the quality of the driveway.

See, the driveway was an old asphalt driveway. Lots of cracks in it. And as … [Read the rest]

My Sister Loved Me, But I Treated Her Like Shit

I remember that day, as we were both walking to Elementary School. My oldest sister, just a bit over a year younger than me, trying to keep up. I didn’t want her near me. She kept trying to keep up, and I kept accelerating to keep her away. At one … [Read the rest]

Manipulating an old lady to walk up and down the stairs

There is no doubt that growing up, I was a mischievous kid. To put it lightly.

In truth, I was a number of things, at times coming close to malicious.

I was raised up a P.K. – a preacher’s kid. NOT a pastor’s kid, but a self-ordained preacher. Along with … [Read the rest]

Are you older? Why don’t you think?

Why is it that older people have a hard time being open to new ideas?

If you are older, and this doesn’t apply to you – congratulations on being the exception.

As I talk and speak with older people, I realize they have a harder time embracing new ideas. ┬áThey … [Read the rest]

If He Doesn’t Admit To This, He Is A Liar

There is a truth out there, that some of you ladies might find disturbing and unappreciated.

The truth is, he (whoever he is) finds others attractive, desirable and wants to have sex with them.

It doesn’t matter who “he” is. It doesn’t matter what “he” does in life.

The pastor … [Read the rest]

I Started Life Clinically Shy

I used to be extremely shy.

Probably, clinically shy.

If you are someone who meets me now, you’d be quite surprised to know this.

I don’t know EXACTLY why I was this way (I have a few ideas), but it is certain it wasn’t from too much encouragement and support … [Read the rest]

Getting Whipped By My Father

I was being whipped.

By my father.


Just a way of life. I was used to it. That didn’t mean I liked it though.

In this particular case, my dad was pissed about something I’d done, and was approaching me with a big ass switch, and anger written all … [Read the rest]

I was raised up without TV, it was a sin.

I got to watch TV ’til I turned 5.

It was already gonna go away, but I didn’t know it at the time.

Now, when I watched TV back then, my mom would turn on the TV, I’d watch the show, then she would turn it off. I didn’t get … [Read the rest]

My earliest memory that I can recall

We all have that earliest memory.

Some of us can remember things incredibly young. Some only imagine those memories. The human mind is quite amazing and tricky.

As a child, the earliest memory I had was one of looking down, and feeling petrified of falling. I remember seeing what seemed … [Read the rest]

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