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The rest of my life will be lived selfishly. Ruthlessly Selfishly.

The rest of my life will be lived selfishly. Ruthlessly Selfishly.

Unambiguously Selfishly.

Harshly Selfishly.

Selfishly Focused.

All. About. Me.

When I say those first 5 lines above, repeating several times just to explore how it fits and matches me, I have full realization that it fits me well. Very … [Read the rest]

My Diesel Shoes from a Thrift Store DIED

I found a great pair of shoes. Turned out, they were retro. Way retro.

I found these in a Thrift Store, labeled as “Classic” (or something like that).

I prefer shoes with a really thin sole like Sketchers. But, these were cool.



But. after wearing them a month … [Read the rest]

Replacing Valve Body Gasket(s) in my Transmission. 2000 Ford Explorer.

Replaced my valve body gasket on my Ford Explorer today. Problems shifting, had to manually drop into 1st to take off. Couldn’t go over 72 mph with it slipping. Overdrive acting up. I’d been babying this problem for several years, and it was getting worse.

Looking at the worn out … [Read the rest]

Day Trip in Maine – North of Portland

So I’m up in Maine. Took a day trip.

First pics are water-front in Portland, Maine.

Rest of pictures are from the bay, right near “The Salt Cod Cafe”.

Looking for it on a map, it is at 1894 Harpswell Islands Rd, Orr’s Island, ME 04066

Let’s start with the … [Read the rest]

Engaging and meeting people in real life

I’m a bit of an asshole sometimes (frequently?). However, I don’t apologize. I have a low tolerance for bullshit.

Some people get more of my patience, even a little more leeway than others. Some get none.

But this does not change the fact that relationships are essential in life. Connecting, … [Read the rest]

“The One Thing” – impact on my future decisions

So last night I finished reading “The One Thing” by Gary Keller. Yes, it was very late (early?) when I finally got to sleep.


I had started this book but got sidetracked. Even at initially starting, I realized this book had serious and meaty value. Even before finishing, … [Read the rest]

Clarence Carter- Strokin’

I listened to a number of new songs today. New to me, but not certainly not new. And very likely even you have never heard them before.

However, these are AWESOME. OMG! 🙂

Clarence Carter

First up, is Clarence Carter. This was posted from one of my twitter peeps, Sam. … [Read the rest]

Watching my dad fall 30 feet into a pit

I watched my dad fall the full 30 feet like it was in slow motion.

I watched the Boom Truck flipping over, with the only thing stopping the truck from falling down the 30 feet as well, was the long extended boom holding the truck at the top of the … [Read the rest]

My dad now celebrates Christmas but denied it to us as kids


When we were growing up as kids, we didn’t truly understand Christmas.

See, myself and my siblings were raised without Christmas. Like, never.

Now, we knew that there was such a thing as Christmas. We got off 2 weeks or so for Christmas break from school. I remember snagging … [Read the rest]

We Deplorables MUST Become Activists!

Ladies and Gentlemen – our work has just begun.

We must become activists.

If we do not, we will lose.

We won this time, but barely. The victory of a Trump win tastes good, but there are many battles ahead.

The objective and goal is winning the hearts and minds. … [Read the rest]

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