Our professional and personal lives are melding.
It’s all becoming public, at a record pace.
If you live in society, your life is practically already an open book.


I thought about this. Decided, “I’m  ALL IN”.

What I think. My experiences. My life. My projects.
Live and Exposed.

NOT Politically Correct.

WELCOME to @FollowJohnC, the Nucleus of John Chapman.

I am many things, I have many interests, I have many perspectives and a few stories.

I am helping others lose weight (like I did) via KetoSuccess.

I am delving in selling and buying online primarily with used books via JM Book Recycling.

I’ve started a project helping Thrift Stores at Top Level Thrift by combining my increasing knowledge gained by running DR7Media and JM Book Recycling.

As I personally grow and learn about E-Commerce and reselling, I’m documenting that at: ResellingROI.

My media company- DR7 Media – Started as a website building company, but now focusing on branding and marketing WHERE THE ATTENTION IS! (Thank you Gary Vankerchuk for all that you have taught me)

Just like life, this site is an experiment.

Read my posts. Comment. Follow me on social media. Get my email updates.

(Thank you Gary Vankerchuk for all that you have taught me)

Who Is John Chapman? – A brief outline of my life from then til now.

What’s on my podcast player? – Podcasts I listen to. You might like them as well.

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